About Us

RAYFLEX Reliable, Fast and Quality Service

RAYFLEX laid its foundations in Bursa. Since the day it was founded, RAYFLEX has risen to the position of a company with brand value in the high-speed opening PVC door sector, thanks to the importance it attaches to quality and trust and the warm relationship it has established with its customers. Our company designs, produces and sells rolling doors, folding doors, special rolling doors, insulated doors, self-healing doors and many openable PVC door systems. Product diversity, after-sales services and capacity are improving day by day.

Low Maintenance

Fast and Effective Performance



Strong and Resistant Structure

Aesthetics and Elegance

Our vision

As RAYFLEX, our vision is to grow together with our customers by offering the most technological solutions to our customers together with all our employees, by improving ourselves and not leaving our customers alone in competitive conditions with new technological solutions. Our company, which always aims to do better, always aims to break new ground in the market without compromising its seriousness and quality.

Our Mission

As RAYFLEX, we take engineering science as our guide, and what engineering offers to humankind; Our aim is to be a translator that adapts convenience, applicability, ergonomics and economy to the benefit of our customers.